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  1. Detox by Nick'd Out Liquid

    $ 19.95

    30ml80VG/20PG Strawberry Banana Smoothie like no other!
  2. Jungle Fever by Ruthless

    $ 24.95

    Flavor Description: The taste of pineapple, mango and other citrus flavors.   Bottle Sizes: 60ml VG/PG Ratio: 90/10
  3. Kettle by Popped E-Liquids

    $ 17.95

    Flavor Description: An old-fashioned kettle corn lightly coated to perfection with creamy caramel! Definitely a shop favorite!   Bottle Sizes: 30ml VG/PG Ratio: 80/20
  4. BOV by Boosted *Clearance*

    $ 14.95

    Flavor Description: BOV from Boosted expertly balances a medley of 9 tropical fruits including peach, citrus, and coconut, with a myriad of other secret ingredients to create an e-liquid experience that’s akin to a rainbow melting in your mouth. New...
  5. Cannoli be Reserve by Cassadaga Liquids

    $ 24.95

    Flavor Description: And pee his kilt he did when Conner showed him his newest discovery, a cannoli made with a pastry like no other: One made with a cookies and cream shell, filled with delicious cannoli cream, and topped with...
  6. Desire by THRST

    from $ 16.95

    Flavor Description: The refreshing, sweet, tropical blend for which you’ve been longing, Desire creates a cocktail of juicy pineapples, sweet peaches, and other mouthwatering tropical goodies.   Bottle Sizes: 30ml VG/PG Ratio: 60/40
  7. Honey Mellow by 80V

    $ 24.95

    Flavor Description: Honey nut cereal, marshmallows, a hint of golden graham cracker, and just a whiff of ripe banana (some taste it, some do not). This is literally a mash-up blend of two separate, unfinished flavors, one developed by Beantown,...
  8. Mermaid's Milk by Sarcastic Fringehead *Clearance*

    $ 14.95

    Flavor Description: Winner of a Spinfuel Choice award, Mermaid's Milk vapes like a beautiful dream. It's delicate on the tongue and a delight to the senses. Layers of caramel and cream create a platform for the divine pairing of rich...
  9. Mr Fritter by Cuttwood

    $ 29.95

    Flavor Description: Mr. Fritter by Cuttwood is a warm fritter with the perfect balance of apple and cinnamon infused with Cuttwood's own special blend of other flavors.   Bottle Sizes: 60ml VG/PG Ratio: 70/30
  10. My Man by One Hit Wonder *clearance*

    $ 39.95

    Flavor Description: Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate. Today, the rich flavors we all love have been expertly blended into a smooth but complex vape that dances on your tongue with different complementing notes from each puff. The surge of nostalgia will leave...