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  1. Cinnamon Cream by Big Bottle Co

    $ 24.95

    Flavor Description: Cinnamon Cream is fluffy cream swirled with cinnamon sugar. The perfect treat to satisfy your nagging sweet tooth.   Bottle Sizes: 120ml VG/PG Ratio: 85/15
  2. Mandingo by Ruthless

    $ 24.95

    Flavor Description: Banana cinnamon nut bread.   Bottle Sizes: 60ml VG/PG Ratio: 60/40
  3. Sugar Drizzle by Cuttwood

    $ 29.95

    Flavor Description: Cinnamon sugar cookies.   Bottle Sizes: 60ml VG/PG Ratio: 70/30
  4. Cinna Goo by Cinna Goo

    from $ 21.95

    Flavor Description: Imagine unrolling the biggest, gooiest cinnamon roll of your life, scooping out all of that cinnamon-sugar goodness. Cinna Goo is the warm and sticky insides without all the filler.   Bottle Sizes: 60ml, 120ml VG/PG Ratio: 60/40
  5. 100 Grand by Gemini Vapors *Clearance*

    $ 9.95

    Flavor Description: Cinnamon toast crunch with a hint of cream   Bottle Sizes: 15ml VG/PG Ratio: 60/40
  6. The Poison by The Vapor Neighbors *Clearance*

    $ 11.95

    Flavor Description: An oven fresh Cinnamon Roll covered in a delicious Orange Glaze.   Bottle Sizes: 30ml VG/PG Ratio: 80VG/20PG
  7. Apple Jam by Jam Monster

    $ 24.95

    Flavor Description: Apple Jam E Liquid by Jam Monster Liquids is a freshly buttered piece of toast smothered with mouth-watering apple jam and a hint of cinnamon.   Bottle Sizes: 100ml VG/PG Ratio: 80/20
  8. Churrios by Vaping Rabbit *Clearance*

    $ 12.95

    Flavor Description: This fluffy, warm, fresh out of the fryer churro is lightly dusted with sugar, cinnamon and washed down with a sip of honey nut cereal infused fresh milk.   Bottle Sizes: 30ml VG/PG Ratio: 99/1
  9. Custard Clouds by Bee in the Clouds

    $ 19.95

    Flavor Description: A vanilla custard spread on graham crackers with a tasty cinnamon cookie to give a little spice to the flavor.   Bottle Sizes: 60ml VG/PG Ratio: 85/15
  10. Humble Crumble by Humble Juice Co

    $ 24.95

    Flavor Description: Reminiscent of Grandma's homemade cobbler. This juice is a perfect mix of sweet blueberries, cinnamon and a crispy, buttery, graham cracker crust. It may have you reaching for a cold glass of milk!   Bottle Sizes: 120ml VG/PG...